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Elder Scrolls Online – a clean slate for open-world balancing

There are many threads opened in the past week, mostly by people that are concerned about overcrowding and server performance.

While I do expect some hiccups when OT goes live, I don’t share the concerns of those people, server capabilities will remain the same, the same number of people will be handled, simply in different zone shards.
Currently there are 3 types of shards for each zone – AD, EP and DC, each of which can get another copy when it gets overcrowded.
After OT, there will be only one type of shard for each zone, where all alliances are present, and it also will be copied multiple times to accommodate as much players as needed.

Great, now that we have that covered, I’d like to point out on a problematic that bugs me for a long time in ESO:
Open world monster difficulty.

I am one of the players that played ESO when it was challenging, when you could not solo a world boss, let alone a Public dungeon Group event.
One Tamriel and battle leveling grants ZOS a clean slate for difficulty balance, and I would hate to see that opportunity wasted.

Elder Scrolls Online - a clean slate for open-world balancing

The current battle leveling might be too punishing for new players, so there would have to be some kind of an additional boost for players under level 10, but after that, I believe the player should learn and follow the basic game mechanics to progress in the world.
This means bashing casting monsters to prevent a dangerous spell, keeping out of red, dodge rolling or blocking heavy attacks, then using heavy attacks themselves to knock down a concussed enemy.
EDIT: oh yeah and break free, how did I forget about break free? (hello Primate Artorius)
These are some of the game mechanics that ALL players should know by heart, and use them daily while playing ESO.

Also, bump the difficulty of world bosses and Public dungeons.
Wrothgar is a masterpiece in terms of world monster difficulty, World boss difficulty and public dungeon difficulty, it should serve as an example.
Make every world boss worthy of the achievement tied to killing it.

Honestly, I would not mind bumping the world monster difficulty even higher than the current battle leveled equivalent, but I guess it is good enough.

The current game difficulty has a serious gap that tends to hit new people really hard once they reach lvl 50.
The experience of entering a veteran dungeon for the first time can be overwhelming.

One Tamriel and battle leveling should serve to smoothen the difficulty curve, and prepare new players for every endgame content.


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