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Elder Scrolls Online – Stamina is Broken

Everything about stamina is broken, this video took about 0% skill,. Anyways, just want to produce something to keep you guys entertained!

That’s down to stamina builds having too much of a damage loadout, making wearing light armor too much of a risk to anyone who isn’t constantly camping mines.

I agree the new heavy armor passive, wrath, makes damage comparable with medium/light armor. But with any set other than blackrose there’s a tradeoff: You can have the damage and be tanky, at a cost to your resource managment.

In blackrose, you can be tanky, have comparable sustain to a light armor/medium armor build and do comparable damage.

Yeah but it’s the heavy armor passives that make it so good, black rose just makes it better. i’ve run heavy armor mag sorcs and heavy armor mag plars and for mag plars i still think that’s the way to go. magicka sorc you dont lose much damage and being off your shield bar is so much more forgiving.

Heavy armor is king right now and until they change that the best pvp’ers will be running heavy sets.

If stam is broken then why don’t good players like you and Jules play them. Play magicka builds like dk and sorc! I would love to see you guys open world with the more difficult classes.

What’s broken about it? To me, when someone says broken it means that something about it doesn’t work as intended. Like how thaumaturge used to effect Uppercut and Magicka Det. If it’s just stupidly OP, then it’s just stupidly OP because the devs don’t know how to balance a fucking bowling pin on a flat surface.


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